Promos & Events


Patrons gather to play bingo. 

It commenced at 11am with a 

12pm lunchtime (which can be ordered from bistro prior to 11am) 

return after lunch at 12.30pm 

finishes at 1.30pm 

Zumba Energize Studios

Monday's 9:30am

STRONG by Zumba

(Non-dance, High intensity training and muscle conditioning)

Wednesday's 9:15am - Ab Blaster

Wednesday's 9:30am - Zumba Toning (Toning/Dance-Fitness)

Thursday's 9:30am - Zumba Gold 

(low-impact for active older adults and people with injury)

Saturday's 9:00am - Zumba 

(Dance-Fitness party with easy-to-follow movement)

STABLE Chair Pilates

 Suitable for seniors and limited mobility. Would you like to develop greater balance and flexibility and discover new found confidence and control of movement. 

Then STABLE PILATES is for you!!!! 

Join us for a friendly and supportive 45 min Class on a Thursday from 11am.   

Weekly Raffles

Thursday Drawn 1pm 

Friday Drawn 6.30pm 

Saturday Drawn after 4pm

Sunday Drawn 1pm 

Darts Competition

TUESDAY from 6.30pm 

Thursday from 6.30pm